Liquid Frosting by BMarie

For as long as I can remember I have loved nail polish. The idea that I can change my natural nails to any color I so pleased made me happy. I have spent hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on maintenance for my hands and feet. From $15 manicures to $10 bottles of name brand polish. Recently it occurred to me that the cosmetic industry is a billion dollar industry nail polish alone grosses over $250 billion, and also one that isn’t going to fail in this economy anytime soon. Nail polish first made an appearance in Paris in the early 1920’s, (although nail staining dates as far back as the Egyptians using henna) and for a very long time encountered much resistance. The use of nail color on the fingertips was believed to be used to conceal some hint of racial impurity. Advocates of African-American rights felt that women of color shouldn’t use nail paint on grounds of dignity. Psychiatrists went as far as to say that is was a form of self-mutilation and that it posed a risk to women’s health. Now in the Twentieth Century you rarely see a women who doesn’t wear some form of nail polish.  There are numerous brands to choose from, OPI, Essie, Sinful Colors, Butter London and more being introduced. A good nail polish is like good sex, once you’re satisfied there is nothing like it.







Liquid Frosting will be no exception to that rule. As I prepare to market my brand I have consulted with only the best in the cosmetic industry. Spending days testing my samples and prototypes so that I am able to stand up to the industry giants.

"One Night Only" and "Wet Cement"

 In days to come I prepare to introduce my line to the world. I plan on taking over the world one finger at a time.

"Blue Tint"



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