Notorious K.I.M The rise and Fall of the Queen

Lil ‘Kim aka Kimberly Jones has been one of the most recognizable faces in Hip-Hop since she emerged from the shadows of Bad Boy with the group Junior M.A.F.I.A in 1994. Recognized mainly for her descriptive, vulgar language, extremely scant and revealing attire and legal issues, the Brooklyn born female MC has gained much mainstream popularity and success.

Kim, rose to fam in late 1994 with the release of Conspiracy which hit #8 on the Billboard charts with songs such as “Get Money”. In 1996 Kim released her first solo album Hard Core which went double platinum, the album’s first single “No Time” featuring the man formally known as Puffy became the #1 rap single. However, even in its success the album met resistance and controversy from many, including activist C. Delores Tucker who called the album “Gangsta porno rap.”

Following the death of her friend and mentor Notorious B.I.G in March of 1997 Kim took a break from making her own music. In 2000 Kim released Notorious K.I.M which debuted at #1 on the Billboard R&b and Hip-Hop charts. Kim continued to produce chart topping albums, La Bella Mafia debuted at #5 in 2003 and The Naked Truth which was released the same day Kim reported to jail to complete a one year sentence on perjury charges, the album debuted at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 and sold over 100,000 copies in the first week of its release. In July 2006 Kim was released after serving 10 of her 12-month sentence for good behavior.

Since her release from prison Kim has not released a studio album, only a mixtape in early 2011 Black Friday.  The mixtape received mixed reviews from fans, saying that is was far from her best work and most tracks should never have been released. This album is a stab at rapper Nikki Minaj, the cover art is that of Kim portraying Minaj, on the title track Kim comes directly for the female MC saying ” You a Lil Kim wanna be, you just hate to admit it.” Kim is vocal about the young rapper stealing her style. Most feel that Kim has fallen off drastically since going to prison, from her beefs with other artists to all her plastic surgery. Has the queen finally been dethroned? Can she make a comeback after being gone for so long? Some believe that the infamous Queen B can make a comeback, saying that she hasn’t truly lost her swag. What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Notorious K.I.M The rise and Fall of the Queen

  1. Hurikane El Swiss The Money $lave Diaz says:

    She just needs to hurry up and put out good music and let the music speak for herself.
    SOME of her Black Friday songs were good but a lot of them were A MESS. She needs to quit with that auto tune too.

  2. M.C says:

    Lil Kim is a legend, w a legendary background…Nikki Minaj no doubt has talent (one of the best at the moment) but she is “Right Now” she’s whats pop’n “Right Now”…you cant really compare them and once you reach legendary status there is no falling off…LL ain’t fell off, Bun B or Scar Face haven’t fallen off, they’re legends, they don’t have to release Nothing! they’re background & accolades speaks for themselves… and they’ll always be legends…Lil Kim fits in that category…Lil Kim stats by far exceeds Nikki’s (as of now)…yes Nikki is the present Maybe even the future but please don’t sleep on Kim…hell Nikki is damn near a carbon copy of Kim 15 years later…Nikki deserves all the prasie she’s given, she the real deal but the fact that Nikki is more popular right now gives her the edge publicity wise, but strip all that away even now in 2011/2012 bar for bar Kim is a Beast and Nikki knows it…

    • Brendolyn Marie says:

      I couldnt disagree if I wanted to. Kim IS a legend…from her hardcore lyrics to her barely there fashion. Her talent is unmatched and I agree put Nikki and Kim in the booth to go bar for bar there is no competition.

      • GabrielleMac says:

        Nikki is hot for right now but I guarantee you that she won’t be around in the next 7 years. Her fashion and rapping style is going to fade. I may sound like a hater right now, but I’m old school and I really wish some things or people wouldn’t change – especially in music. Nikki wouldn’t be around if it wasn’t for Lil Kim.

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