The Scarlet Letter~The Truth Behind Red Lips

When you think of red lipstick you think of sexy, flirty, bombshell. Red lipstick symbolizes sexiness and confidence for women. Depending on your attitude and disposition red lipstick can signify strength or demure femininity. From Hollywood Glamour to Punk Rock, red lipstick is universal for sexy.

The color red is recognized as a stimulant color, red draws immediate attention to a particular element. Red increases enthusiasm, stimulates energy,  and encourages confidence.

The history of red lipstick dates as far back as the Egyptian Queens who carried lip staining kits made of henna and crushed beetles, Victorian women used red crepe paper to stain their lips. Hollywood bombshell Marilyn Monroe proved to be quite the sex symbol with her blonde hair and red lips. Elizabeth Taylor, who was the ultimate seductress in her day with her dark hair and full red pout.

In recent years the trend of red lips has slowly been making a fashion comeback. The color red has always gotten a bad rap, starting with the Scarlett letter. Growing up I associated red lipstick and nail polish with being a whore. (pardon my language) All of the icons I saw wearing a stained red lip were often portrayed as “loose” or “trampy”, from Madonna to actress Lela Rochon in her role as Sunshine” (Harlem Nights). As a little girl I wasn’t allowed to wear red nail polish because I was told “that’s for grown ups”. As an adult I love red nails and toes, however I have yet to dip my lips in red paint. Recent pop culture icons such as Rhianna have shown that red lipstick is all the rave right now. Paired with the classic black dress and pearls this look can be very sexy and sheek. The key to wearing red lipstick is to be modest with other make-up such as blush and eyeshadow. Too much can take you from classy to trashy in seconds.

All shades of reds are not suitable for all skin tones, due to my fair skin I have to be careful not to select to bright of a red and risk looking like Edward from Twilight. A woman with fair skin can wear a color such as “Cokney” by M.A.C or “Russian Red” also by M.A.C. Women who are more of a medium or darker skin tones such as Kelly Rowland or Taraji Henson look good in darker reds that don’t have such bright tones. “Lady Bug” by M.A.C.

Red lipstick is something that all women can wear if the right shade is chosen. With that being said, dare to be sexy! Go forward and look great, all dressed in red.

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