Color Claws 2011

As the fall has rapidly approached its time to make the transition from summer to fall in all aspects, nails  included. The spring and summer months call for bright, vibrant colors that pop. Colors such as Yellow Kitty by Sally Hansen or Elephantastic by OPI are all the hype during warmer months, but as seasons begin to change so does your wardrobe and your choice of nail color should as well. One of the hottest colors thus far to transition from summer to fall has been shades of grey. I have quickly formed a loving relationship with Cement by Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear. This color is extremely versatile and can be paired with any everyday look, whether going for drinks with your girlfriends or heading into a business meeting. However, in my opinion this color looks best on short manicured nails as opposed to long sculptured nails.




Another classic color that has made a strong comeback are shades of taupe, a simple, elegant color with a modern-day glam. One of my personal favorites is Over The Taupe by OPI. If you are looking for a color that has that subtle wow factor this is it.






Lastly, nude polishes are becoming the new reds, this is a look that transitions from season to season with no problem. From shades of pale pinks like Bubble Bath Nude by OPI to Without A Stitch by Sally Hansen, these colors are sleek and sexy.

Black and dark blues are also making a strong comeback from last year, as are reds and darker shades of orange which will always be classic looks appropriate for any season.

 Keep in mind there is nothing sexier or more eye-catching than a woman who takes pride in her hands.

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