Dear Walt Disney, FUCK U Sir (By Cryss Renee)

One of my good friends who is now a published Authoress wrote this and being the hopeless fantasizer that I am I fell in love with it. She tells it like it is with no holding back. Enjoy! 

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury! I am here today to shatter the myth, to dispel any rumors, and bring awareness of the danger of fairy tales.  I shall not indulge in an argumentative debate, nor am I purposely trying to shine a negative light upon happy endings.  The United States of Cryserica is here to present the facts.  Without a shadow of a doubt I will prove that Walt Disney, all it entities, and any other fairytale writer have done more harm than good with their misogynistic macho filled “fairytales”. 
 If you will, I would like to present Exhibit AThe Damsel In Distress StoriesAfter going through the archives I have noticed, multiple Disney books or movies all have the same story line with a twist here and there.  Pretty girl, jealous enemy (always a woman), girl gets hurt, prince comes in and saves the day, the girl is so grateful she walks off into the sunset with him.  The first story ever read to myself as a child was Cinderella.  I remembered listening and being completely fascinated with the ball and her dancing with the prince.  I also remember the bad such as her step mom and step sisters making her a slave.  At 5, my mind thought, “Why won’t she runaway from the house that treats her so bad, she’s grown right?”  After that one night of bliss at the ball she was thrown back into hell. Who came to her rescue?  The prince, he had somehow searched high and low and was so mighty and strong he found her.  Never mind the fact that they lived in a kingdom that had plenty of women.  Cinderella was the ONLY woman who could fit a size whatever shoe.  (This right here is where you scream BULL-SHAT).  In another story a fair maiden that went by the name of Snow White who was saved by a man and whisked off to the woods, rescued from homelessness by seven dwarfs (even vertically challenged men can save the day) and brought back to life by (you guessed it) a man.  Every last one of their princess stories have the “damsel in distress” syndrome.  To me (and when it’s to me it’s really to you as well) these stories suggest that women aren’t strong enough to save themselves, only a man can save you.
 Exhibit B:  Women hate other women that are prettier, smarter, etc.  In the story ofSleeping Beauty, Aurora is cursed by an ugly old witch, who despised her for being born beautiful.  The witch’s jealousy was so great she wanted Aurora to die. (Now we see this everyday all day but it’s only because we have been reading stories like this, which have brainwashed us since birth).  Still not enough proof?  How about The Little Mermaid?  Ursula hated Ariel because she was young with beautiful flowing hair.  (which clearly sends the message “you should be jealous of the younger hotter chick) Instead of being the elderly mother like figure to her, Ursula instead tried to ruin her life by allowing her to fall in love only to try and take it away from her.  Mainly all of their stories, except for The Princess and The Frog, have step mothers that are mean and spiteful.  Self hatred towards women is deeply subliminal in the Disney stories. 
 Exhibit CLove  always ends happily! If you will beg my pardon as I scream BOO FUCKIN WHO!!!  In order to sell their books and movies, Disney has tugged at the heart of naïve girls who would one day become hopeful women.  By merely suggesting in every story that love is obtainable to everyone.  Now I am not cold hearted and bitter at all (well maybe a tad bit, but that’s not the point).  It’s just that I was the little girl who once believed that I could wear a princess gown, go through a traumatic experience, and one day a handsome rich guy would come along and wife me up.  Yeah I believed it because it was written in black and white, right before my eyes.  I watched those movies and cried tears of joy at the endings. I was a princess too and I deserved that “fairytale love”. Well when love came a knocking I eagerly answered that door.  Only to find myself heartbroken and without this “fairytale” life that I had been brainwashed to believe in.
So I say to you today good people, do not believe everything you read or see (unless its in the land of Cryss).  You have to live your life based on real life events.  I am not endorsing giving up on love, but I am endorsing letting go of the Disney fairytales.  Love may “conquer all” but fairytales are clearly the bull shit you have to dance in to get to it.  Enjoy your two step people!!!
 Written by Crystal Barnett

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