Growing Pains

It will be 6 years on April 15th that my life changed forever. I wasn’t expecting my first son to be born until May 27th 2005, however he decided to make his debut early and was delivered April 15th, 2005 at 1:18pm. I must say like most 19 year olds I wasn’t exactly ready to be a mother, however I got my walking legs early. It has been a rough 6 years but Laethan and I have made it do what it do and we are getting along just fine. I’ve learned the meaning of unconditional love and would gladly give my life to save his without hesitation ANYDAY. Single mothers of little boys have it the hardest because they say a woman can’t possibly raise a boy to be a man. I couldn’t disagree more, it may take a lot more time and effort but it can and is being done everyday. I am proud to be the mother of an amazing little boy who on April 15th will be celebrating his 6th birthday!! Happy Birthday Laethan!!!

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