"What if a Woman"

“What if a woman, had a man on the side and she never spent time with you.
What if a woman, said she’s working late and it’s always the same excuse.
What if a woman, took the keys to your whip said I’ll be right back
don’t trip. What if a woman left you home with the kids
changing diapers and shit what a twist.” ~”What if a Woman” by Joe ~

That is a good question, what if a woman did all the things to her man that he does to her? What if women had no regard for the way we treated the men we dealt with? Relationships are a double standard. Men can treat women any which way they please and its ok, because he’s a man and by society’s standard that’s what men do. Women on the other hand are supposed to just sit back and take it, because again that’s what by society’s definition and ideas women are supposed to do. Well that’s BULLSHIT! Women are people too and just as equal as men in this day and age so the idea that men can get away with treating his woman like trash is antiquated and foolish. If a woman were to cheat on a man and make him feel insecure then she is a hoe or evil, men get a pat on the ass. In reality, men couldn’t handle being treated half as bad as a woman, they just aren’t equipped for that. Men can dish it but they can’t take it. A man can be sleeping with women all over town but let him find out that another man has even taken interest in his woman, he gone be ready to fight everybody including his woman. The question is why though? Why are you so upset that another man is doing to YOUR woman what you were doing to ANOTHER woman? I’m confused. Men think it’s ok it play with women like a toy, throw her around, step on her, mistreat and misuse her then when she is all damaged and broken put her back on the self for someone else to fix. It’s selfish and it’s wrong, then the next man who may very well be a very decent, sincere man who is nothing like the last will get dogged because she is too scared of being put back on the shelf. Women shouldn’t have to wear a sign that says “DAMAGED GOODS HANDLE WITH CARE” so that the next man knows why she’s so angry, bitter and jaded. Women are emotional by nature and to take advantage of that is a slap in GOD’s face because we were put here as a companion for man so to be unappreciated is being unappreciative of GOD’s creation.

So you tell me, if I were to do all the shit that you do to ME to YOU could you take it? I’ll answer that, HELL NO!

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