Jumping the Broom

Over the weekend I attended one of my best friend’s bridal showers, to be honest this was my first and her wedding will be the first wedding that I attend that isn’t some old person my grandparents know. Although this is the first of my friends’ weddings that I will be attending does not mean I do not have any friends that aren’t married, as a matter of fact my married friends out number my single friends. Needless to say as with all major life events such as marriage or child-birth, I am starting to get the itch. (You know the itch when your friend tells you she’s engaged and you start wondering when is your time coming? Yeah that one.) So as I’m sitting with another friend who is also single I lean over and tell her “You know Michelle I don’t think you and I will ever be sitting where Jen is. We are going to be single forever.” All we both could do was shake our heads because this is showing to be a true statement.

As almost all little girls do growing up I have dreamt of my wedding day and what it will be like for as long as I can remember. I know what my colors are going to be, how many bridesmaids I want, I even know what my bouquet will be made up of (Gardenias of course). So I have all of these wonderful details about my big day mapped out but there is just one small problem, I am missing a groom! (As insignificant as he is on that day he is still a crucial part of the plan.) This missing piece of the puzzle has led me to question myself and the possibility that I may never get married. YES I SAID IT! I am accepting the fact that I may be single or unmarried for the rest of my life. Am I ok with this? No, I mean who wants to spend their life shacking up? Especially when you’re in love. Now I will say this, I personally believe that marriage on paper is a waste of time and that it is the vows made under the sight of GOD that are important. (This is just me) That little piece of paper doesn’t define your relationship and it is the words and commitment that is made before family, friends and the all mighty that define it. Again none of these facts ease my mind in knowing that I may be destined for solitude. Although I have been in a relationship for the past 4 years, I still have to wonder and ask myself, “Where is this going? Are we going to continue on a path to nowhere or will we eventually end up in happily ever after?” Sometimes I believe that titles often ruin a relationship by giving it too much responsibility, but that’s a post all its on. So with all that being said I ask is jumping the broom really a MUST in this day and age or is it best to just let things be if they are working the way they are? Is a dress, cake and being a princess for a day really all that important?

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.”

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