The Great Debate "These Three Words"

“I love you” These three very simple words can change the entire dynamic of any relationship the moment they escape your lips. Sometimes these words are often used in the heat of the moment during sex or used as a go to in the heat of an argument, then there are times when it only seems appropriate to express your true feelings for the person you are with. During a conversation with some friends these simple words started a debate. “Luv u” “ILY” “Love you too” these are the most commonly used ways of expressing love to your significant other, but do they really mean the same thing? In my opinion it does not, when expressing the way that you feel for someone you are in a relationship with (Boyfriend, girlfriend, life partner or husband etc) the words LUV U hold no true meaning, neither does LOVE YOU. To shorten these words via conversation or text is to denounce your feelings. Its acceptable to say I LUV YA to your girlfriends (you know your homegirls) but not to someone you are intimate with or intend to spend your life with. This is almost the same as saying, “Hmmm I’m going to say it because I know its what you want to hear but I’m not committing to those actual feelings for you.” This is just my opinion and everyone sees things differently but to profess your love to someone only for them to say “Love you too” is a slap in the face. What do you think?

Love is something that people often throw around, people often times don’t have a clue what it means to truly step outside themselves and love another person that is not family just as much as they love themselves. People use love as a way to get what they want, to get someone to have sex with them. In the words of Halle Berry as Angela in “Boomerang” “I am tired of men using love like its a disease you just catch.” Telling someone you love them just to please them or get something out of them can be harmful to you and them. People do crazy things when they are heartbroken, so think before you play with someone’s heart by telling them love them and really don’t.

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