Have you ever met a certified bed jumper? Known someone who jumps from bed to bed or relationship to relationship in an attempt to fill a void? I heard someone say the other day that “it feels good to be a priority again.” For some reason this did something to me, why weren’t you a priority to begin with? The problem with a lot of people today is that we are so quick to make someone else a priority when we are only an option for them. Over recent years I have come vastly into my own as a woman, so going into relationships I am well aware of my self worth and value. I am not going to compromise my value for any man by making him a priority over myself. (Am I making sense?) I see people de-value themselves daily in an attempt to make another person happy. Women change the way they wear their hair or the way they dress just because the man they are with doesn’t like it or approve. So what?? Obviously he didn’t have a problem with it when you were single and he was all over you so what is the problem now? Don’t become something that you are not to please others. Now I am not saying there is anything wrong with compromising as an effort to make your relationship work, but there is a fine line between compromise and submission.

Men are also guilty of doing things out of desperation. Men have to be the tough ones so they put on a show, like they can’t get their feelings hurt. Then they go jump from chick to chick trying to prove a point. (Give it up! If you are hurt just say that.) There is no point in lowering your self worth just to make your ex jealous. There are too many diseases out here to be bed jumping. It is human nature to be heartbroken, but the rebound isn’t going to heal that hurt it only covers it up like Maybelline. Now I am no relationship expert and these are merely my opinions and observations, but from what I have seen they are accurate. It takes time to heal any wound, settling only makes you look like a desperado. Just my thoughts though, I mean who am I??

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