Florida Evans 101

Growing up I was raised by my mother, a single parent and my grandmother who has been married now for over 40 years. I can honestly say I was exposed to what it means to be a wife and a mother from watching these two women. In a previous post I talked about young women these days not knowing what it looks like or means to be a wife, they’d rather settle for being a “babymama”. To me this is ass backwards, why put yourself in a situation where you could end up raising your children alone? Yes I said my mother was a single parent but that was due to divorce, I was not the product of fornication. Yes I am a babymama but that was never the plan but now that I am I have to make the best of things. That is one mistake I will never make again, I am getting older and am ready to be a wife. (Notice I said WIFE not live-in, in house or girlfriend.) Unbeknownst to many I am a devout christian, I believe in GOD and the word. Therefore believing that woman is made from man for man. (Sounds prehistoric I know but this is what I was taught.) I am a strong believer in soul mates and there being that one person that GOD made just for me. To think that HE took the time to create someone only for me is an amazing feeling, so why would I not want to prepare myself, mind, body and spirit for him? As women we sometimes fail to realize that we are one of GOD’s greatest creations, without us there would be no life. We give ourselves to people who are undeserving and what happens?? We end up a babymama!

I take notes from the women I grew up watching, my mother, grandmother, Florida Evans and Claire Huxtable. A man wants to be treated like a man, made to feel like a man, a King none the less. I am not saying submit by any means but allow that man to play his role, in order to do that you must know yours. Get in the kitchen and make him a meal, listen to him talk about his day, be his solace in times or turmoil but most of all commit you him 100%. (Lets not forget all the freaky ish you need to do in the bedroom.) Be a woman to your man and you will be a wife….

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