It’s My Baby Mama~part one~

“It’s my baby mama! YEEE ain’t know? I’m on child support! She get welfare checks but I stay in court.” ~Three 6 Mafia “Baby Mama~
For some reason my generation of women are of a totally different breed, so many of them are content being just a “baby mama”. It is true that we are the generation of the single mother but that doesn’t mean our mothers were baby mamas, most of them were married to our fathers at some point. I being a baby mama understand that situations happen and children come into this world unexpectedly but does that honestly have to become the norm? I will be honest, I never wanted to have children so the fact that I am someone’s “baby mama” disturbs me but it is something that I have come to terms with and my son’s father and I have an understanding and are on great terms. I could be the drama queen that I am known to be and make his life miserable but what would that accomplish? Absolutely nothing so why even go through that? Too many women are out here making babies with men that have no intentions on being with them and think this is ok. No it is not stop thinking with this mind frame, children need to grow up with a mother and a father I am a firm believer in this. Women have babies thinking this is going to keep a man or make him want her, No maam! If a man truly does not want to be with you a child is not going to change his state of mind. I am not knocking baby mamas because again I am one. I wouldn’t change having my son for the world but if I had the chance to do it all again I would wait until I was married to bring life into this world. What happened to being a wife? What happened to having a family? Yes a family is what you make it and can consist of a mother and her children but that’s not the American dream. Women these days have lost sight of what we should have been taught growing up. But how can we expect young women to know how to be a wife if they weren’t exposed to what a wife looks like? ~To be continued~

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