WHO are YOU? ~a random rant~

“Real recognize real and you looking kind of unfamiliar.”

Coming from a world of who’s who I have learned that everybody wants to be somebody, even me. Who doesn’t want to live life on easy street? Where money is no object and everybody knows your name? If the world was meant to operate in this manner wouldn’t fame and fortune come easy? The world is not meant to have a thousand people doing the same thing or looking exactly alike. Its kind of like a Where’s Waldo page, everything is similar and looks almost identical but there is only one true Waldo. Does that make sense? It seems as if people just aren’t content being themselves, they have to keep up with the Jones’ or out due the next person who is also trying to be something they are not. Everyone is in competition with someone else when in reality the only competition should be yourself. I look at a lot of these young women nowadays and it is amazing and how nothing about them is real. Fake nails, fake hair, fake lashes, fake purses like where is the real you? Who are you??? Do you even know what lies underneath all that make-up and lashes? How can you trust someone who doesn’t trust you enough to show you who they really are?
It is okay to be on a search for who you are and where you are headed in life. Not everyone is always sure of themselves, and it takes some reflection and self discovery to find that person. Some people live in fear of others not liking the real them so they hide behind a mirage of a person. Is this making sense because I feel like someone isn’t going to understand what I’m saying. LOL Will the REAL you PLEASE stand up???

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