Color CLAWs

I LOVE LOVE LOVE nail polish! Did I mention I LOVE it? I was always playing in different colors growing up, of course when I got old enough I got sculptured nails. Recently, for the first time since I was 16 I removed my nails and have been sporting a manicure. I believe that not all colors look good on acrylic nails when they are a certain length. I allowed the length of my nails to fluctuate so I didn’t do too much with the polish. Now that I am natural I have a lot more flexibility. RED has been my go to hue for the past couple of weeks, there is something so sexy and classic about perfectly manicured red nails. During these last couple of winter months it’s okay to wear dark colors such as black or a dark blue, I found myself in love with a shade called “Dance with the Devil” however with spring vastly approaching it will soon be time to go from dark to light. I personally enjoy a lot of bright colors such as yellow or a hot pink. OPI has the best polish shades with their ever evolving and unique themed colors. Who knows what the spring holds for me and my ever changing hands. Matte polish is also becoming a new trend. This polish doesn’t give the shine, it gives off a dull pale look that is ultra sleek…so as spring vastly approaches what will your hands say about you?

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