The Scent of Seduction….

What does seduction smell like? Unforgiveable by Diddy? Gucci? Cool Water? Or maybe Polo Blue? L’Eau d’Issey by Issey Miyake or Yves Saint Laurent? Had this question been asked of me three months ago I would have had the most confused and unconcerned look on my face. Who knew seduction had a scent, I didn’t until a month and a half ago. In my 7+ years of dating I have come across more than a few men who actually caught my attention with the cologne they used. But that wasn’t what formed the initial attraction, it is a proven fact that the sexual attraction to a man is heightened when he has a specified smell. The scent of a man can direct a woman’s sexual desires elsewhere almost immediately. The right smell can undeniably heighten sexual arousal. That’s crazy right? Had I not experienced sexual seduction without even being touched I would say the same thing. I can honestly say that I know a man who’s smell alone turns me on something terrible. (Don’t judge me) The moment he got close enough to me that I could actually smell him my mind went elsewhere, I was completely lost in his scent. Without doing anything more than giving me a hug I had been seduced. (Sure it helped that he was fine; you know brown skin, deep waves, sexy with style? Yeah all that!) I was no more good after that, I was lost in the sauce.
I asked 5 of my female co-workers if a man’s scent increased just their attraction as well as their sexual interest. 3 of the 5 said they were turned on sexually by a man who smelled good and all 5 said they are more prone to being attracted to a man who has a distinctive smell. (Good of course) Not only does smelling good signify good hygiene it always sets a tone, a man that takes pride in his appearance more likely than not wants a woman that does the same. Now don’t get it twisted, all cologne does NOT and repeat DOES NOT smell the same on every man. The natural body chemistry has to go well with the cologne, so just because Issey Miyake smells good on Joe doesn’t mean it’s going to smell the same on Bobby. Every man is different and has his own preferences on how he wants to smell. I prefer Mr. Yves Saint Laurent….he can get it. LOL What I’m saying is that although we may not think so a person’s scent, male or female plays a huge role on the sexual attraction of the opposite sex. When you find the scent that seems to draw attention to you from every angle…stick to it. Me personally I’m a Jessica Simpson “Fancy” chick…and yes when sprayed in the proper places it is pure seduction.

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