Black Love….Part 1 OUR ANCESTORS

In a recent post I exposed my readers to what I think is black love. One of my readers asked me to explore the topic of black love, I said I was going to wait until February (black history month and the month of Valentine’s Day). However I decided to write this in a short series of posts, I wasn’t sure I would have enough material; but when you think about it black love is all over. So this is the start of the black love series.
I know someone reading this is like what is the difference between black love and Hispanic love or white love? There really is no difference, or is there? Considering the history and background of our culture (being slaves and all) all we had was each other; family was most important during slavery times. Slaves never knew when they were going to be separated from those they loved most, whether it was their husband or wife or child, so they cherished every moment they had together taking nothing for granted. Love between the people of that time was real, there was nothing more important that loving your significant other. People then would fight and even die for the person they truly loved. They were honest, faithful, devoted and knew their roles in the relationship. These are values that a lot of relationships today lack, men are easily distracted by the next chic who he thinks is better than what he has at home. I hate to say it but a lot of women are now playing the role of the man and providing for the home, the role reversal can be strenuous on the love. (That is a topic for another post though). My point is that black love is something to be celebrated because so many people no longer have the same core values when it comes to black love as those before us. Back then relationships had substance, mainly because the couples were a unit, they suffered and struggled together. To have the person you know you can trust by your side was important to them. Somewhere along the way black relationships have lost their foundation in which they should be built. Think about it…this is a series with more posts to come…

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