Who IS M.C??

I met M.C almost four years ago, in Miami at a birthday party for Chingy. I had no idea then that he was a rapper, nothing about him said “look at me”. He wasn’t wearing a ton of chains or really making himself known so I shook his hand and kept it moving. It wasn’t until I got back home that we crossed cyber paths via MySpace (yes I said MySpace). I’ve worked with M.C on several projects including his feature on the EDL mixtape as well as The Stop The Violence party in the plaza this past summer. However it wasn’t until recently I was given the opportunity to sit down with M.C and find out who he really is.

Inspired by Easy-E, not because of his lyrical abilities but because without him so many artist would have never been heard of. “He didn’t care what other people thought, he had his own style and said what he felt including FUCK the police!” M.C is nothing more than a simple, laid back hard working young man who is grinding his way to the top. M.C says that he is not motivated by notoriety or money when it comes to music; “I have a story that needs to be heard and that alone is my motivation.” Marching to the beat of his own producer M.C is far from your average rapper, he works hard NOT to fit in with the STL music scene. “I am my own person, with my own style; my music can’t really be classified with others.”

*For more of my interview with M.C make sure you snatch a copy of the St. Louis Evening Whirl next Tuesday.*

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