Where is the Delete Button??

*I am a huge fan of Shanel Cooper, I follow her on twitter as well as her blog. Currently I am waiting for her book to get off back order. I was on her blog and came across this post and I wanted to share it with my readers. A lot of us are guilty of allowing negative people to continually have an unhealthy influence over our lives, causing us great pain, emotional turmoil and heartache. This letter is for any person male or female who has reached their breaking point and is ready to rid their lives once and for all of all their unhealthy relationships. *

“Dear ______
You are a negative. You are killing my positive. I have allowed you to ruin parts of my life. Parts that you can not even help me rebuild. But give me credit. We both know I tried. Well, maybe we both did. But listen, I have to tell you something with all the sincerity and love I have within me. Please listen to my heart, not just my words.
Not in january, not in February, not in March, April, May, June, July, August, September, November, December and not even for Christmas. No Birthdays, No Holidays. And next January, don’t even THINK about remembering this convo. No, I will not catch any more grenades for you. No, I am not riding or dying with you anymore. You are you and I am me. We (whatever we were) is no longer we.
It’s not me. It’s You. But I have to be mature to take the steps to fix this. I want to be so brainwashed from you that YOU don’t even LIVE anymore. i want to be so brainwashed from your negativity, that you HATE waking up. DELETE ME because I’m DELETING YOU.
That is very rude of me. So I’m going to be the bigger person and recommend a resource to you. It costs $147. But you’ll probably pay $197 for the EXTRA STRENGTH version – because you have a lot of extra ISH you clearly have not dealt with and NEED to deal with immediately. You wouldn’t be so negative if you could let go of all your past hurts, embarrassments, failures and fears.
But hey… look on the bright side, 10 years from now – you might actually make something of yourself. ”

*This is the kind of email you should send to NEGATIVE people in your life who show no sign of change. People who are drowning you in their negativity and laughing at you while you choke on your emotions, goals, dreams and ambitions. Stop drowning – get their negativity out of your mouth. You may send this letter to everyone who needs to hear it. It’s a perfect letter for aunts, uncles, moms, dads, cousins, grandparents, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, ex-husbands, ex-wives, bosses, managers, etc. Tweet it, Facebook it, Youtube it, Email it, Text it, Say it. Simply call up your useless, negative talking, negative thinking so-called “friend” and start with a basic intro like this: “I have something to say and I’m not looking for a response, but I want you to hear this from me before you hear it from anyone else…”
Then simply proceed with “YOU ARE NEGATIVE…” and continue reading the letter WITHOUT hesitation or pause. This will ensure your alien, unwanted “friend” knows that you are serious. Remember, you are NOT UP for feedback or conversation. This is your opportunity to put this friend in the TRASH – the place where all things go when they no longer serve purpose. True, your friend may raise a question or comment. But that is of NO concern to you – KEEP TALKING (repeat if necessary) – because you’ve already decided they must be permanently REMOVED from your life. In a matter of minutes, your stomach may rumble and your hands may shake. But continue reading until the very last sentence. Do not ask if they have anything to say – simply thank them for their time, say a polite “HAPPY NEW YEAR” and simply HANG UP.
Like I said… this letter has been working for millions of MEN and WOMEN for centuries. I use it every year, and for some mysterious reason, every year I keep getting better and better friends, more and more money, and more and more happiness, and I get more and more of EVERYTHING faster and faster — and easier and easier!
But why should I have all the fun? You know like I know, NEGATIVE people are killing your dreams and your self-worth.Now we have a solution.

P.S. You can add F___ YOU!!!! at the end if you want. I’ve found it adds a bit of satisfaction, but your point will be made nonetheless. Some people won’t understand unless you speak their language. It’s up to you!

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