For a long time reports of Nelly not supporting his home team of up and coming artist have buzzed not only the underground STL music scence but the industry as a whole. After his little “issue” with Huey, a lot of St. Louis artist wrote Nelly off and selfish and someone who only looks out for who he wants ie; The Lunatics. Well as I last blogged St. Louis based female rap group June 5th recently released their video “Dollaz” being the Twitter bugs that we all are the major promotion for the video was done via tweets. My entire timeline was full of tweets and retweets (sorry for all those not hip to the twitter lingo) of nothing but June 5th. But out of all the retweets only one stood out to me it was this “@June5th Video Dollaz!!!!! via @worldstarhiphop via Twitter for BlackBerry® ” straight from @Nellymo himself! I think time stood still for a brief moment. This was major! It not only showed that the group was making noise but it showed that Nelly isn’t all for self. Hard work and grind recognizes the same in others and Nelly obviously recognized in this group of hard working ladies. With that STL STAND UP!!!

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