Making HERstory

When I walked into Black on Black studios in the Summer of 2007 and scanned the room full of people my eyes locked on the three ladies sitting in the corner closest to the door. One was tall, light skinned with a shape out of this world, she was pretty in the face but it wasn’t any of those things that caught my attention, it was the blue bandanna she had tied around her head. The other was a little shorter, brown skin wearing a pair of stretch pants and an oversized t-shirt. (I think she had on some Princess Reeboks and ball socks too. j/p) the smallest of the three was my height (all of 5’2) with thick hips, and brown skin. Just regular chicks right??? WRONG! Little did I know that these three women were anything but regular! They were a rap trio from different backgrounds with totally different personalities with ONE thing in common, their LOVE for music and hip hop…I have learned these girls (who by the way are known to me as Tiffany, Brooke and Scar) and since that summer in 2007 fell in love with them, being adopted as the “little” sister of the group I will always support them! You can also check them out at .Their song “Worst Day” will forever be my anthem! Here is a look at my big sisters JUNE FIFTH doing their thang in their newest video “Dollaz” IT’S HERstory that’s being made!

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