(Instead of what Ive been doing lately which is writing blogs that most closely relate to real life I decided it was time for another one of my infamous stories.)

I was sitting on the edge of the bed twiddling my thumbs trying to figure out what the remainder of my Friday night was going to consist of. It had been a long week and I wasn’t looking to get into much but I was searching for something. I decided against going out to a club or bar hours ago, I wasn’t seriously dating anyone so that was out as well. I figured the best thing for me to do would be to run myself a steaming bubble bath, sip on a glass of Merlot and indulge in my guilty pleasure of chocolate covered strawberries. Before stepping into the water and bubbles I lit lavender candles around the tub, dimmed the lights and set my Ipod to play something to help me relax. With Teddy P and Brian McKnight singing to me I was sure to unwind. Slowly I stepped into the round tub one pedicured foot at a time. Slowly settling into the water as the bubbles covered my naked body, I closed my eyes and allowed my mind to wander to a place of relaxation and calm. Moments into my peace, my serenity was interrupted by the ringing of my phone. Disturbed at first I looked at the caller id and a smile instantly covered my face.
“Hey you.” I answered seductively
“Well hello beautiful. How are you?” His voice was soothing, deep and ever so sexy. It had been almost a month since he and I had lost spoke. I understood though, his job was very demanding. So when we didn’t speak for days on end it didn’t bother me, he was surely taking care of home.
“I’m fine, I’d be much better however if you were here with me.”
“Is that right? Well I would love to make you feel better Babe, but we have a game in Pittsburgh tomorrow.” I felt my pussy begin to pulsate as he spoke. His words were drenched in sex and with every syllable a chill went through my soul.
“I understand Baby. I just miss you that’s all.” I was pouting but wasn’t going to make him feel bad.
“Is that water I am hearing?”
“Yes. I’m taking a bubble bath.” I lifted my left leg from the water and pointed my toes towards the air admiring my flawless honey brown skin.
“Mmm I wish I was there to play in the water.” I knew where this was going and I was enjoying every second of it.
“Oh really? You just wanna play in the water?”
“Hell naw I wanna play with that sexy body occupying the water.” I closed my eyes and leaned back on the towel taking the place of a pillow, slowly caressing my breast. First the left then the right, paying special attention to each nipple.
“I’m listening.”
“I need to get my hands between those thick thighs of yours. I feel the safest when I’m there. It feels like home, they are always so welcoming to me.” I moved my free hand slowly down my belly and into the water and between my thighs. Slightly prying them apart and allowing the warm water to part my lips like the Red Sea.
“What you gone do once you have the doors opened?” I asked impatiently waiting for more.
“I damn ain’t gone waste no time going for my comfort zone. I know it’s been a while since I been home so I’ma take my time getting reacquainted. One finger at first, maybe two; make sure I hit the g-spot just right. I want you cum for me before I go to work. You gone cum for me baby?”
“Umhmm!” I said doing exactly as he’d described. I moved my fingers in and out of my throbbing cavity hitting the spot just right with every stroke.
“Once I’m sure you’ve bust a good nut I’d join you, sliding behind you. Kissing every soaking wet inch of you ever so gently, paying particular attention to your neck and ear. I know those are the right spots to hit.”
“You know me don’t you daddy?” I couldn’t help but laugh. I was turned on something terrible and really needed him with me to make this fantasy a reality.
“Yeah I do. I’ma do my part, but I need you to help me and get on top! Sit that fat, wet Kitty of yours on my dick.” I could tell by the breaths he was taking that he had the dick he was speaking of in his hand and was stroking it ever so gently.
“I think I can do that, as a matter of fact I wouldn’t mind at all.” By this time I was going in, finger fucking myself trying to reach my climax, but not to be as selfish as not to wait for him to do the same.
“You gone ride that dick for me girl?” He let a moan escape his lips and I knew his close and so was I.
“You damn right! I like it slow though that way you can feel every wall from the side to the bottom! I want you to grab my hips to hold me steady. Can you handle that Mr. Quarterback?”
“Hell yeah!” He was about to cum!
“Good cause when you cum I want to feel you!”
“You gone tighten them muscles for me Ma? I’m ready for you to make me cum! Can you do that? I’m ready!” I was relieved to hear him say that.
“Yea!” Was the only word to pass my lips as my body began to quiver and my legs shook; splashing water onto the floor.
The next few moments weren’t spent in silence as he and I both attempted to compose ourselves.
“I love and miss you girl!” He was still out of breath but was a lot more relaxed.
“I love and miss you too Baby! Goodnight and good luck tomorrow. I’ll be watching.”
“You better be! Goodnight.” With those words we ended our call. I ran fresh water, finished my glass of wine and got out of the tub. After drying off I grabbed one of his Jerseys and slid into it, I decided against panties. I lay in bed with the smell of him saying aloud to no one else, “What a great fuck!”

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  1. cryssrenee says:

    woosa!!! lol girrrrrlllllll!!! just girl cuz i am at work, so glad u still writing honey. miss u much, i know u r on twitter but i just dont know who. I'll find you, i been missing my daily jukebox songs

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