I have been off Twitter for almost 3 months now if I am not mistaken and might I say I miss it!!! I haven’t been writing like I used to and I feel as though I am losing my voice. MY words are music, at least to me. Some may turn it off or tune them out but the words that I put down on paper are like a symphony. Sure I abused my gift and took it for granted by using it in a disrespectful and harsh way but when it’s all said and done my words are mine. I shut my Twitter page down in an attempt to find a different outlet for my anger and aggression and all I ended up doing was locking myself up in an internal prison. So what do I do? Do I continue living in solitary confinement or do I break free?

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  1. DoeHands says:

    My girlfriends and I have certainly missed seeing "Tellin It Like It Is" as often as it used to be in The Whirl, and I would definitely follow you on Twitter! I was pleased to see you reappear in The Whirl recently to tell us about your new efforts to help kids inspire change in our violent city, and it sounds to me that you're already well on your way to putting your angry energy towards a good cause, so I say it's high time to get back to speakin up Miss B!

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