I believe that we were all put on this Earth for a reason. Rather it’s to be famous, to lead a civil rights movement or just live the life of an average person we all have a purpose. Well recently I have been trying to figure out EXACTLY what my purpose is. I know that I want to teach inner city children and I also know I want to be the best mother to my kids (yes kids, I want one more 🙂 ). However what is it that I am destined to do? When GOD created the mold for me what did he have in mind for me to do with my life? We all have a story, we all go through trials and tribulations making us who we are. My story is still being written, I have already gone through chapters 1 thru 24, the next 24 are up to me. I have been thinking of a way that I can help young girls who have not had it easy. I know the situations that I struggled with growing up that forced me into certain situations as a woman and I would love to guide other young girls in a different direction if I can. So I am thinking of a way to do so. Most likely a non-profit organization, something small with a family feel. It is surely a work in progress but the plans shall be carried out. ~Kanye Shrug~ I just been thinking….. BMARIE

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