Hmmmmm where do I even begin? Love…… one of the strongest emotions one human being can feel for another. Love can make you do things you said you’d never do. Love can make you crazy! Love can make you feel high, but it can also make you feel low, used and abused. Love….can be confusing, make you hate in the same second that you are loving. Make you wish things that may not ever come true, or take a chance on making things come true. Love can make you feel sane and insane in the same breath. Love….can make you give up what you worked so hard to obtain and not even care about the consequences. Love…..from a mother to her child, from a man to a woman…LOVE….as much as we love “Love” does it love us? Can love exist in the beauty with the ugly? Can love withstand the trials and tribulations of everyday life? Better yet can we? Is it true that without betrayal, lies, and deceit love would not be love? Does love trust? Does love give a second chance? Or does it truly take a fool to learn that “love don’t love nobody?” Is there a such thing as loving someone too much? Can you love without a limit or regard only for self? Where does the road to one’s heart start and end? LOVE……almost from the moment I laid eyes on you I have LOVED YOU! Do you love me?

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