"BAG, Borrow, Steal"

Yea you read it right! I said BAG, borrow, steal! We have all heard the saying even if I have to “BEG, borrow, or steal”. “Sex In the City” the movie has quickly become one of my favorites. When Carrie asked Louis (from St. Louis) how she could afford her patchwork denim Louis Vuitton bag she told her it was rented. Yes RENTED! That she rented it from “BAG, Borrow, Steal”. Me being the lover of designer bags that I am, I had no idea that this was a real business. That is until recently I was talking with a co-worker and she asked did I get my purse from there. I looked at her in complete and utter confusion. “You telling me that is a real place?” “Uh yes! People actually rent their purses from there.” So I came home and Googled the name and sure enough there it was! I explored the site and was in amazement, you can literally choose from 1,000’s of bags and other items and rent them for an extended period of time. There is a membership fee of $60.00 but that is credited to your rentals. For those who can’t afford to go out and purchase a $800.00 Louie bag or a Prada original this is ideal and you have no obligation to tell anybody anything! They have a blog as well. I must admit I am thinking about borrowing a couple of bags, I usually only wear a bag for a season anyway! It’s a great way to save money and still maintain your stylish ways!

http://blog.avelle.com/?ref=n1_e8-9 and the website is http://www.bagborroworsteal.com/ui/welcome?ref=n1_e1-9

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