The first time I heard this line of the song I could do nothing but laugh, I immediately adopted this as one of my anthems for the summer. Over the past year I have come to acquire a fetish for bags. By bags I mean purses (I believe saying purses is mediocre and I strive to rise above regularity). It began as large hobo bags from ABC Trading and Wholesale, these bags were large enough to fit my son inside but they didn’t make a statement. So I then decided I wanted to take my desires a step further and began buying COACH bags from the COACH store in West County mall. My stint with COACH only lasted a few months and I was then introduced to a new love, LOUIS VUITTON. Always a leader in the fashion industry his line of designer bags never fail to make a statement when paired with the right shoes or personality. I am the type of woman that as soon as my feet hit the floor I say to myself “Today is a say something bag day.” Which means I want to make a statement and speak volumes without saying much or anything at all. So it is safe to say that I change bags almost everyday. It is every now and then that I find a bag that I absolutely love and find it hard to switch out of. Well my new love is a wine (or deep plum) colored LOUIS VUITTON Vernis Alma. The first time I laid eyes on this purse I was in love and knew that I needed it in my life. Sure it was expensive but you only live once, so I bought it with no hesitation. I was like a kid the day after Christmas playing with that one toy I’d been asking for, I didn’t want to put it away. So I wore the bag, which I named “Purple Haze” with every outfit no matter what color it was for a month. I wore it with sweat pants and flips flops, dresses or jeans it didn’t matter.

Recently I was having a conversation with a friend who is as equally crazy about designer bags as I am and she said something that instantly made perfect sense to me. “Bren I treat my relationships like I treat my bag collection.” WOW!! What a powerful statement and only someone who is as engrossed in a collection of such bags could understand. I could not agree with her more, except for the fact that she changes bags daily. While I may switch up my bags I always go back to that “favorite” one. My love life is very much the same. I may switch it up or even get tired of one person but I always go back. Even though I know that my life and theirs may not go well together, I go with it no matter what. My purse may not match every outfit but it compliments me and I compliment it. I may not fit in HIS life at that moment but I compliment HIM and HE compliments me. So there may be times when it’s best that I don’t wear HIM out, then there are times when it is a must. The first time I laid eyes on HIM I knew I needed him in my life. I also knew that it was going to come with a price, but that didn’t matter because you only live once. So I have come to the realization that like “Purple Haze” HE is my favorite and I am in LOVE.

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