Passionately enthralled in not only his kiss but the way he was rocking the waves between my thighs, that I wasn’t prepared for what he was about to do next. With one hand still occupied inside me he grabbed me around my waist with his other, using only his leg muscles to lift himself and me out of the water we stood up, my back still resting against him. Not once loosing the stroke of the motion he had going with his hand, his used the other to bend me forward towards the shower head. I braced myself on the towel bar in front of me; holding tight to the slippery metal. Before removing his fingers he quickened his strokes sending me into a realm of uncontrollable bliss. Noticing my excitement and the possibility that just may reach my peak and explode all over his fingers he stopped abruptly. Allowing me time to catch my breath and compose myself he partook of the view from behind, admiring my sun-kissed bronzed skin, my heart shaped ass. I felt him trace the tattooed Chinese symbol, meaning “Beauty” on my back with the tip of his tongue. Sending an array of chills down my spine.
Once I’d caught my breath he inserted himself inside me; inch by inch until all of him was snugly inside me. The fact that all of this was happening and still without words turned me on something terrible and I was excited for more. I slowly rotated my hips the same I had done sitting down, only this time in unison with his long deep strokes. As he stroked deeper, I rotated faster wanting him to nudge that perfect spot that was sure to send my body into convulsions and my mind into oblivion. In tune with my body he sped up his fast, grabbing my tresses and pulling them ever so gently, yet hard enough that I was aware of who was really running the show. It wasn’t long before he got closer to the inevitable. I could tell that he was inching towards an eruption by the sounds he was making. Enjoying his melody I picked up the pace and tightened my muscles, making sure I had a tight grip on him and ensuring nothing would slip. I wanted to feel every inch and I was.
I pushed back into him feeling him damn near in my throat. The vibration from what we were doing had me in a complete daze, I knew that at any moment, with one right move from either one of us the other was going to succumb to the feeling and give in. I was tired of playing with my orgasm, so I took control of the situation. Using the towel bar for stability I pushed my ass back fast and hard not once losing control. Ensuring that both he and I would cum, and at the same time I tightened my grip so he could feel each and every wall and hit the G-spot. Just as I was about to bounce back I felt a chill run through me, my body began my shake, words formed but could not escape the prison which was my mind. I felt his grip on my hips get tighter and his body tense up, his legs started to shake and just like that I felt the warm wet sensation that was a mixture of he and I run down my inner thigh.
Lost in each other and in utter amazement, we stood motionless for two silent minutes, only the crackling of the burning candles and settling of the water echoed through out the bathroom. I composed myself and stepped out of the tub slowly. Dripping wet with sweat, the water from the bath had long since dried; I walked into my bedroom where another note was neatly placed on the bed atop of pool of rose petals. It simply read:
“I think you’re wifey material”
I smiled and turned to see him towering in the doorway holding a box. Attached to the box was a small pink slip of paper with the two words written neatly on it. “Marry Me”

2 thoughts on “

  1. cryssrenee says:

    wowwwww!!!! what a way to get proposed to, damn all that restaurant carriage ride ish. This ish right here (in my best katt williams voice) would be right up my alley. lol Get em Harlem the world aint ready at all. lol

  2. Harlem says:

    LOL! Im glad you liked it! When I tell you my muse has been riding my back lately I am not playing. I would love for a man to propose to me like that! LOL

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