Startled out of my peace; I quickly opened my eyes attempting to adjust them to the illuminated room. Much to my surprise they were greeted with his tall, dark frame standing beside the tub.
“Babe, what the..” Before I could finish he placed his finger to my lips hushing me.
“That’s the problem, you talk too much. There is no needs for words tonight.” Turned on by his assertiveness; I did as I was told and sat quiet as he slowly undressed. First removing his wife beater, exposing the rippled muscles he worked daily to achieve in the gym. Then moving on to his True Religion dirty denim jeans which revealed the Ralph Lauren boxers I had purchased a few weeks prior for his birthday. I sat waiting in anticipation for him to remove those, I was like a kid at Christmas waiting to open the big box in the corner. I admired his finely chiseled body, it was as if he were designed by GOD himself. His skin reminded me of warm caramel, smooth and thick. After removing his boxers he slid down into the still steaming water; wrapping his arms and legs around me. I allowed my body to melt into his like ice cream on the 4th of July.
Still without words he lifted my hair; planting soft warm kisses on the back of my neck. Allowing him to do as he pleased with me I felt his hands began to explore the most intimate parts of me. First my left breast, then the right; slowly moving down to the piercing on my belly button, slowly twisting the ring; sending signals of erotic ecstasy through my body. I turned my head; meeting his lips with mine, parting them slightly and pressing my tongue against his. I could feel his hands slide deeper into the water to explore the under water odyssey between my legs. Gently he parted my thighs and slipped his fingers deep inside me; first one then two. I couldn’t helped but break the game of tonsil hockey, giving way to a rhapsody of overwhelming emotion and excitement. Had it not been for the warm bath water he would have needed to call Noah for a new arc. He slowly inched his fingers around inside me in an attempt to find my G-spot. I slowly rotated my hips to give him some little needed assistance. I knew he was getting closer as I began to sweat and it wasn’t from the damn steam! His strokes got faster and my hip thrusts got deeper, it wouldn’t be long before his exploration became a success. The heat that was rising from my insides was uncontrollable and I couldn’t help the sounds escaping my lips. With his free hand he grabbed my hair; pulling it with gentle force and shoving his tongue deep into my throat leaving me unable to speak…..TO BE CONTINUED


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