"Happiness vs Contentment"

Is there a such thing as being truly happy? Is there a day that the planets are aligned just right and everything in your life is just the way you want it and all you can do is smile? Or are you content? What is the difference in being happy and being content? Is there even a difference? I have started to believe that there is a very fine line between being happy and merely being content. As much as we would like to believe we have a control over every aspect of our lives, we do not. We can plan and plan and try and make things work to our liking but that is all we can do. There is no such thing as a perfect day because something no matter how big or small is going to go wrong. You can plan a pretty picnic but there is no way you can predict the weather, the forecast may say sunny with no chance of rain but how do you know for sure it’s not going to rain? You don’t, so you can’t be disappointed when the blanket gets wet.

There are times when we allow our happiness to project from other people and there is nothing wrong with this at all. Or is there? How can you depend on someone else to make you happy? You obviously have no idea what makes you happy. You can say that being with someone or certain things a person does makes you happy but you can not base your sole happiness on the actions and or presence of another human being. We put too much faith and effort into others when we should be putting that same amount of energy into ourselves. There are times when we come to realize that you may not be overall happy with all aspects of our lives and it is then that a choice has to be made. You are either going to be miserable trying to make everything perfect when perfect doesn’t exist or you are going to be content with the way things are. Happiness is honestly a state of contentment. Once you decide to toss out the overall happiness idea and live you will find that you are truly happy because you are content. You have settled into the idea that you can not always control the outcome of life’s situations therefor you accept them for what they are. It is the same way with people, everyone is not going to be your ideal person, but if you love them you accept them for who they are and are happy with them. That is being content and being content means being happy in that moment.

So when it rains on your pretty picnic and you have to move it inside, does that make it any less pretty? No, so be happy that only the blanket got wet and your food wasn’t ruined. Live for the moments of happiness not the overall!

Peace and Blessings ~B~

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