"Why You So Obsessed With Me?"

Obsess~ to dominate or preoccupy the thoughts, feelings or desires (of a person) beset, trouble, haunt persistently, or abnormally.

Have you ever had the feeling that someone was watching and noticing your every move? That every word that you spoke and or wrote was something they read? Possibly believing that your every move was somehow directed towards them? That your daily leaving was made possible simply because you wanted to be known or seen to them? This is one of the most creepy feelings ever, it’s weird to know that someone is haunted, and some what taunted merely by the thought of you. Seems far fetched that a sane person could possibly devoted so much time and energy to the life of another when there are no emotional nor physical ties. Or are there? You have to stop and ask yourself; “How did my life intertwine with this person’s?” in some situations you must really think and other times it comes easily. You may have said the wrong thing when walking past or unknowingly smiled a few seconds too long at them. Whatever you did you are the reason they are drawn to you, like a moth to a flame, a bee to honey. So what are you going to do? Do you watch them back? Do you run and hide? Do you continue your daily routine knowing it makes them mad doing so?

How do you even know this person is obsessed with you? Is it because now that you know you have an addiction to watching the watcher? Is it possible that knowing that your simple existence bothers this individual so much that it becomes a game? You ask yourself over and over why me? What has made me so special. Then one day the answer comes to you; ” I have done nothing but only be me. Obviously that is more than you can say! So I am going to continue my routine and continue living and loving because I know that hurts you most! To watch me laugh and smile while having nothing half as comparable to what you have. So continue to watch I shall put on a show. However the tables have turned and I, once the object of obsession has become the obsessor!”


2 thoughts on “"Why You So Obsessed With Me?"

  1. cryssrenee says:

    keep ur head up sis. im glad u r back writing, keep doing that. fucc whoever dont like it or you or what you do. be harlem and let everything else fall in to place

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