"You’re a Jerk"

It is natural for women to be more emotional than men, unfortunately that is the way we were created. So dealing with situations that arise in life isn’t always the easiest, we find ourselves crying, not eating, losing out on sleep and overall not coping with things too well. One of the hardest things for a woman to deal with is heartbreak. When you invest so much into a situation it is hard not to become emotional and want to shut down when you have been hurt. A woman generally falls in love a lot faster than a man anyway. This is why “SEX ONLY” relationships generally do not work, the woman gets her feelings involved and ends up messed up and hurt when the man tells her that he doesn’t want anything more. I came across this poem and it really spoke volumes to me:
“The Power”

So there you go again putting your power in man when once again he’s let go of your hand
when it was the Creator who carried you across the burning sand
You was happy for a while cause his body made you smile
until he left you in exile to support you and his child
Haven’t you learned yet, you can’t sleep with every man who makes you wet
and with every let down you forget that what you ask him for is what you get
Sistahs hold on to the faith you have inside there are other sistahs feeling you far and wide
Sacrificing your dignity is wrong holding onto the faith is what makes you strong
it’s the Creator who will be with you when that brotha is up and gone
Love yourself as he loves you; make the Man above your first boo
and for every blessing you give, you will get back two
if you make him first in everything you do
Cause you don’t need no shake downs or breakdowns causing you to lose you
Keep your mind strong keep your soul true and give the power back to the Creator

Lisa L. First ‘99”
Simply stating that you are a fool for allowing a man to come in and take all your power. Women are the most powerful creatures on this Earth. Think about it, Eve made Adam eat the apple, you can say it was the power of the pussy. We have the ability to break the coldest of hearts, but when you fall in love you lose sight of that power and become weak. You fall to the mercy of that man and allow him to do whatever he wants to. When are we going to learn that men could care less about our tears. That strokes their egos. Women fight over men when they should be fighting for salvation. No man is worth losing your self respect. If a man decides he no longer wants you then LET IT GO! If he decides that the relationship is no longer for him LET IT GO! You can’t keep someone that doesn’t want to be kept. Men don’t mature until a later stage in life so you can’t expect to get half of what you put out in a relationship. I don’t believe in speaking in metaphors and euphemisms I say exactly what I mean. With that said I am going to say this, A man will do what you allow him to do. If you are content with letting a man walk over you, that’s what he is going to do. If you allow a man to sleep with different women and still call him your man that is what he is going to do. If you know that he doesn’t love you the way YOU feel YOU should be loved yet you stay, then you deserve to be played for a fool!

Find the strength within yourself to walk away when it’s time. Don’t try and trap him or make him stay by manipulating his feelings or having a baby(which is only going to deprive the child). It is not staying that makes you strong it is LETTING GO WHEN IT’S TIME! Stop being weak and take back your power, because in reality the only MAN obligated to love you IS GOD! He will never betray nor forsake you!

Peace and Blessings ~B~

2 thoughts on “"You’re a Jerk"

  1. cryssrenee says:

    it’s the Creator who will be with you when that brotha is up and goneLove yourself as he loves you; make the Man above your first booand for every blessing you give, you will get back two——————— That is some true sincere shyt right there. i just said the other day that ppl are lonely because the only person who can give them unconditional love is God seek him first and your man will come second

  2. Harlem says:

    I dont think women (and men for that matter) understand that. We put so much faith and trust into someone other than GOD hoping something great will come. If that is not the person GOD made just for you then something good may come but never anything GREAT!

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