"Once In This Lifetime"

Like every Friday night I was standing in front of the mirror giving myself the once over while I waited for my best friend. I was rather pleased with the outfit I’d thrown together, I didn’t really feel like going anywhere but this was a standing ritual and I wasn’t about to break it. I looked at the clock it was almost 930, Mya would be pulling up any minute. Just as I was about to have a second glass of wine when I saw Mya’s headlights from her 2009 Mustang pulling into my driveway. Anticipating her ghetto ass blowing her horn a million times, to signal me to come out I grabbed my bag and headed for the door.

“Damn you didn’t even give me a chance to let you know I was here!” Mya said looking me from head to toe as I slid in the car.

“I know! All that blowing you do is ridiculous! Wake the dead with all that!” I responded as I clicked my seat belt. “Can we go please!?”

As usual Mya was doing her Nascar driving down the city streets, with no regard for the police. I just sat back and listened to the Maxwell coming from the speakers. Within minutes we pulled in front of the new downtown club, and from the looks of things this was going to be the new place to have your face.

Mya pulled into valet and threw her keys to the driver. She stepped out of the car and all of a sudden all eyes were on us. Mya was wearing a pair of white linen pants that clung to her in all the right places, she simpled the pants by matching them with a plain white camisole. As usual she stilted her small five foot two frame on a pair of 4-inches that were to die for. She had her hair pulled back and was rocking the hugest pair of diamond studs she could find. Me on the other hand, didn’t want to attract too much attention. I had decided on a simple black spaghetti strapped satin dress that stopped just a few inches short of my knees. I was wearing a pair of gold stilettos that boosted my height up to a good five foot six. My hair was draping my shoulders as I stepped aside to allow the valet to close my door.

The line to enter the club was around the corner, luckily for us we never had to stand in lines. Mya was a well known publicist and did work for many of the clubs in the city so she had pull. We walked right past the patrons waiting to enter and straight through the velvet rope. I could hear the echo of women sucking their teeth as if to say, “Who the fuck are they?” I looked at Mya as we burst into uncontrollable laughter. As always we made a b-line for the bar. I ordered my usual Manhattan and alcoholic Amy order a shot of Patron and a Long Island.

“Don’t look at me like!” Mya said throwing her shot back like it was kool-aid, I just shook my head in amusement. I scanned the crowd as we took our seats at one of the all white leather booths. I like most am a people watcher so I enjoyed just sitting. The music was bumping and the overall ambiance was nice. I was giving the crowd a glance when someone caught my eye.

I saw him as he walked in the door and shook hands with the owners. He stood an estimated six foot two, his skin was flawless and the deepest shade of chocolate. He had a smile that made me want to go brush my teeth, his teeth were perfect. I watched him as he made conversation and examining every detail of his chemical make up. He had just the right amount of muscle and his waves had me feeling sea sick. I was trying not to stare but I just couldn’t help myself, baby had it going on.

“Earth to Bria! Hello!” Mya had a way of spoiling a wet dream!

“What bitch!” I said with my eyes still locked on Mr. Swag.

“Excuse me? Where is your head at?” She questioned following my eyes. “Oh never mind. I see your dick radar is going crazy. My bad!” Ignoring her smart ass mouth I asked if she knew who he was.

“Oh that’s just Alex McKay. He plays baseball or some shit.” She played it off as if he cleaned streets. None the less I wanted him.

I sat in my designated seat for the next hour contemplating my next move. All kinds of people were stopping by our table talking to Mya but I was in a world all my own.
“Excuse me but this is for you.” The young waitress said placing another Manhattan in front of me and handing me a note written on a napkin.
Confused I just said thanks and opened the neatly folded napkin.
It’s about time we get together. Meet me in the back.” Confused yet inquisitive I looked around for an indication of who could have sent the note but had no clue who I was looking for. I excused myself from the booth and headed to the bathroom to freshen up.
Looking in the mirror I gave myself a silent talk. “Okay Bria, this is probably the most spontaneous thing you are ever going to do in your life. Life is all about taking chances! So let go!” I exhaled and headed for the back of the club. I walked through a door and into a private area. The lights were low, I looked around for the mystery author but still had no luck. I was about to walk out when I felt a hand grab hold of my waist. Afraid to turn around I braced myself against the door. The strong hold gripped tighter as he kissed me ever so gently on the back of neck leaving me wanting more. I allowed myself to relax and melt into his grasp as I felt his free hand slowly caress my thighs. The moisture between my legs began to drip down my legs as his kisses became more intense. He moved his hands slowly up my dress, lifting it higher and higher until my black lace panties were completely exposed. I reached behind me searching for his man hood which wasn’t at all hard to find. He was standing at full attention! I slowly unzipped his pants and reached inside grabbing hold of all 9 inches. Before I could stop myself I had turned around and was on my knees in front of him with every bit of him in my mouth. Slowly taking him in inch by inch he tasted so good. I moved my tongue in unison with my hands as I listened to the moans that escaped his lips. I felt the pressure mounting as I quickened my strokes, I wanted to feel him inside me so I stopped.
Helping me off my knees he quickly turned me around and ripped off my flimsy lace. Without hesitation he dug himself deep inside me and went to work. The feelings flowing through me were ones that I couldn’t explain! I felt my juices drip down to my shoes as he grabbed my hair with one hand and my hip with the other. I arched my back allowing him the ability to touch every part of me. Just as I did that I felt myself about to climax, I pushed back hard and fast. I tried to control my excitement my it was too much, I let go! I was grasping for air but I couldn’t catch my breath, I felt my knees get weak and I knew it was coming. His strokes got deeper and faster as he prepared to reach his climax. Like clock work we came together. I stood motionless and speechless trying to explain to myself why I’d just done what I did. There was no explanation, I wanted it!
Once I’d gained my composure I helped him remove his dick from inside me as I fixed my dress. Sweat was dripping all over me as I searched my purse for something to dry off with. Once I felt confident that I was looking the way I had when I left the table I turned around. All I could do was smile as I stared the six foot two Alex McKay in the face. Without so much as I word he placed my ripped lace panties in his pocket, kissed my head and disappeared through the door, unfortunately it was much quicker than when he came. I walked back over the table and sat, rubbing my thighs together for there was a fire still lit between them.

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