The Calm Before the Storm"

The night was still and the air was calm. Something about this mid-summer night was different, I didn’t know why but it just felt different. I sat on the floor of my living room with my legs crossed Indian style enjoying the breeze that explored every room of my house. The earlier forecast predicted a rain storm, so this was pretty much the calm before the storm. Little did I know it wasn’t going to be the type of storm the weather man predicted. I had just began dosing off when I was interrupted by the ringing of my telephone. Hesitant to break my tranquil state of mind I removed myself from the floor to answer. Still in a place of mild exhaustion I didn’t bother looking at the caller id, later I would be wishing that I had paid closer attention.

“Yes” I answered as I noticed the rain had began.
“Umm, yes hello. You don’t know me but I am sleeping with your man.” The voice on the opposite end of the receiver was unfamiliar and about to be disconnected.
“Excuse me?” My curiosity wasn’t allowing me to hang up.
“You heard me! I’m sleeping with your man sweetie.” This shit was almost too good to be true, it was damn near comical.
“I’m sorry you must have the wrong number.” I was not about to waste time nor energy on this mess, so I hung up and went back to my spot on the floor. I laid there trying to convince myself of the same thing that I’d just told the mystery woman. But I wasn’t doing a very good job. Once again my curiosity got the best of me and I wanted and needed to know more.
“Hi, this is.” Before I could finish she interjected.
“I know who this is.” Her voice was calm and monotone. She had a calmness about her that was downright creepy.
“How exactly did you come across my number?” I was careful not to allow my emotions to overwhelm and betray me.
“I told you, you and I are sleeping with the same man. It has been about a year now and I have known about you the whole time.” Her words cut through my soul like a freshly sharpened sword. I sat quietly collecting my thoughts before speaking again.
“A year? Wow! So why are you calling me now?”
“I am in love with him and he doesn’t love me back. I can only assume that you are the reason. I have always known that you had his heart, but I thought I could change that.”
“Oh okay, again I ask; why are you calling me?” Her monotone voice was beginning to crack, her emotions were coming into play.
“I’m pregnant with his baby and he doesn’t want it nor me. I think the time has come for you to know everything so you can walk away.” It took everything in me not to laugh at her. There was no way in hell she could be serious.
“I’m sorry, did you just say you’re having his baby? Damn. I am honestly at a lost for words. I apologize that you are going through this, but him not loving you doesn’t have anything to do with me. If he doesn’t love you he doesn’t love you!” My heart had taken a blow but I stood strong.
“You are the only thing standing in the way of his love for me.” Her tone had changed completely, she was no longer confident and condescending. She had become meek and intimidated.
“Sounds to me that you have a problem then. Yes he betrayed us both, he had no regard for my life nor yours. Sweetie he doesn’t love you and there is no forcing him too either. Having a baby that he doesn’t want will only make him despise you. Let him go honey. Is there anything else?” I had gone from tender and caring to harsh and cold.
“I’m keeping this baby and he is going to love it and me.” There was nothing more to say, I had heard enough nonsense.
“Good luck.” I said before hanging up.
Just as I pressed end there was a loud, unnerving clap of thunder that shocked my fragile nerves. The rain quickened, beating down harder on the roof and I felt the tears begin streaming down my face. How could he be so cruel? How could he betray me? How could he be so selfish? What had I done wrong? I felt my legs give out from beneath me and I fell to the floor. The rain fell harder and so did my tears.
I could feel my heart breaking as I the conversation replayed over and over in my mind. I composed myself, attempting to gather myself from the floor. Just as I did this the phone rang again causing my heart to sink to my stomach. I snatched it from the hook angrily.
“What is it now?”
“Babe it’s me, what’s wrong?”


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