"The Life of Luxury"


It was during my senior year of high school that I transferred schools. My mother had passed away the previous summer and I needed a change. It was the first day of school; I was on my way to my locker at the end of the day, that’s when I saw him. He stood about six foot, he had skin the color of caramel, and waves that were so deep if you stared too long you just might get sea sick. His legs were cut ever so precisely as if GOD had chiseled them himself. And his eyes were the shape of almonds and an immaculate shade of hazel. As I stood at my locker and stared in amazement at this ever so gorgeous creature he glanced in my direction and flashed me the sexiest smile. I smiled back and continued gathering my things. As I was walking out of the building to my car I noticed there was someone sitting on the hood. As I got closer to the car I saw that it was the guy from the hallway.
“Um excuse me did you loose your car?” I said as I unlocked my trunk.
“No but I did loose your name.” Just the way he spoke each word got me worked up.
“How can you loose something that you never had?” I was now standing directly in front of him giving him much attitude and never once breaking eye contact.
“That’s true and that must mean that I need to get that.” His assertiveness kind of took me by surprise.
“Is that right? Well let me tell you this something my name is Luxury. I just transferred here.”
“Yeah I know you used to go to Normandy right? Yeah I’ve done my homework.”
I was at a lost for words there was nothing I could say. This man knew a little too much, I was a little taken back but flattered at the same time.
“So you checked up on me like that huh?”
I was trying to hide the fact that I was blushing but it wasn’t working my feelings were showing in my eyes.
“Naw not for real I just work in the registrar’s office and saw your file.”

“That sounds like checking up on to me.”
“Call it what you want lil’ mama just know that I’m feeling you and I want you and I always get what I want.”
“Sounds to me like someone is a little stuck on himself and a little over confident. So Im’a tell you this, just cause you want me doesn’t mean that I want you. Now excuse me I have to go to work.”
I pushed past him and got in the car and exited the school parking lot. It wasn’t until I was completely off of the lot that I lost my mind. I was completely blown away; he was so sure of himself and with good reason. But my mama told me that guys like that mean you no good. So I made it up in my mind that no matter what I felt for him I was not going to give in to his charm.
I found out the next day that his name was Lenox Harris; he was one of the schools most popular juniors and the playa of the school none the less. From what my friend, Brandi, told me he was wanted by many girls but rarely did he mess with anyone that attended same school. He was a smooth talker that could easily talk you out of your religion if you weren’t careful.
Once I got the 411 it was easy for me to ignore his advances.
“Good morning Luxury. How is the future Mrs. Harris doing today?”
Lenox greeted me this way every single morning, to him his efforts were effortless but to be honest I was falling in love with him.
“Good morning Lenox. I am doing just fine how are you this cold St. Louis morning?”
I greeted him politely never once loosing my stride on the way to my locker.
“I’m good baby and it’s never a cold day when your warm body is near me.” “Lenox.. Never mind don’t worry about it. I’ma be late for Henke so you have a good day okay.”
“Baby you have a good day too and I’ll see you later.”

“Yeah whatever! Bye.”

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