I went down the hall towards my first hour English class and Lenox walked the opposite way towards his first class which was biology.

“Girl if Lenox rides you any harder yo back gone go out.”
Brandi was like a sister to me, we grew up together. Her mom and my dad got together after he and my mom got a divorce. Brandi never really knew her dad, her mother told her that he left the moment he found out she was pregnant. She was the closest thing I had to family. My mom had passed away the previous summer from breast cancer and my dad was murdered when I was 3. Besides her I was all alone and that was fine with me. My mom taught me a lot in the years prior to her finding out she only had a short time to live.
“Shut up. You know I am not even trying to go there with Lenox.”
“Girl you tripping that man is sweating you big time. Ever since you got here he hasn’t looked at another girl. What are you doing to that boy?”
“Brandi I don’t know what you are talking about I’m not doing anything out of the ordinary. I just refuse to fall for him he is full of games and lies.”
“That may be but he is still fly and from what I hear he ain’t no joke either; you feel me?”
Brandi was so serious. She looked to me so that I could live life for her. She recently found out that she was pregnant by her long time boyfriend Quincy. She had been with Quincy since we were in middle school and at times she felt that she was tied down and now she was pregnant. But me I was foot loose and fancy free.
“I don’t care if he’s a sex mogul I am not messing with Lenox Harris! Now leave it alone.”
I hated to have to play that role with my sister but I knew that she and Lenox were cool and the last thing I needed was for him to know that I was, in fact; feeling him.
Over the next couple of months I ignored Lenox the best way that I could, but he had a swagger that turned me on something terrible. Once we returned from Christmas break I only had a week or so left of school, because I had more credits than needed I was able to graduate early. One day while I was in trig class one of the finest senior guys came over to me.
“How you doing today Luxury?”
“I’m fine Mason and how are you?”
“Baby girl I see you fine but how are you doing?”
That comment coming from him made me blush. Mason Rush was one of the most wanted senior boys in our school. He was about six foot one, he wore his hair in twists and he had a body to die for. His legs were slightly bowed and he was just all together fine as hell. He was one of the school’s number one track stars and most eligible bachelor. For the most part he stayed to himself but was cool once you engaged in conversation.
“I’m good thank you, what’s up you need some help on something?”
I asked being somewhat naive I knew he liked me and to tell the truth; I was kind of feeling him too.

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