"Ain’t Really Love"

Ozzie Davis and Ruby Dee, the perfect example of long lasting amazing black love. It seems that relationships like that just don’t exist anymore. “Till death do us part” is something they vowed under the sight of GOD and they stayed committed to that vow. Growing up I watched a lot of fairy tales and truly believed there would always be a happy ending to every story. Cinderella was always my favorite of all fairy tales, I just knew that no matter what or who I became that Prince Charming was going to find me and rescue me.

But as I got older I realized that life was no fairy tale. I just knew I had been hoodwinked, lied to, bamboozled. I was looking through tunnel vision down a one way street. I begin to believe that my idealistic theory of there always being a happy ending to every story was no longer the realistic outlook I should have on life. I had to grow up and become a realist, and accept people and situations for what they showed themselves to be. It is human nature and just a fact of life that you are going to have your heartbroken by someone that shouldn’t have had it to begin with. But does that mean love doesn’t exist? I’ve heard people say that TRUE love is not supposed to hurt. I have learned to disagree with that statement, because you have to go through the bad in order to appreciate the good. So sometimes love, whether it is true or still growing has to hurt even in its purest of forms. But please don’t be fooled, all love is not real nor is it all true. Just like the wolf in the heard of sheep it has to dress up to be accepted.

Any love that makes you sad more than it makes you happy ain’t really love, any love that makes you cry more than it makes you laugh ain’t really love. However, on the contrary love is selfish. Love doesn’t know love. Love can not truly exist without misery, betrayal, and deceit. That’s because along with the good has to come the bad. You must first know misery and be deceived before you can know that the love you feel for someone else is the truth. Someone who truly loves you will never betray you in such a way that you can not forgive. Trust is the foundation to any relationship, trust trumps the love card. Without the presence of trust no relationship can survive. In order for the house to stand it must be built on a strong foundation.

As I’ve already stated I once believed in fairy tales and happy endings. But it took an upfront and honest friend saying,”Just because you’re in love doesn’t mean you’re his Cinderella or that he is your Prince Charming.” before it hit me. I was already living my fairytale. Just because there was no fairy god-mother, or singing mice, or a pair of glass slippers didn’t mean there would be no happily ever after. No I’m not Cinderella and he is not Prince Charming but he is and always will be my happily ever after.


4 thoughts on “"Ain’t Really Love"

  1. CRYSSRENEE says:

    love aint for the weak minded or the faint of heartcuz it can move on ur insides tear you inner being apartleaving you more dazed and confused worse than you were at the startbut yet we seek it and claim we need it, even when it depicts the ugliness in this supposedly twice blessed giftso damn powerful it can cause your emotions to shift, and even then you’re still brainless to this.damn luv cant you see, that i cant love you when i dont give a damn about mecuz deep down inside I’m wrapped in to many insecurities, planted by ugly seeds of doubt and mistrust that intensifies and manifest with in medon’t u get it yet, oh how quickly you forget about all the fighting, cheating and shitwhen the love you were searching for should have been this.and now i mourn, i mourn for the little girl who believes in fairytaleswanna be saved by a kiss like snow white but this forest is burning hotter than hellwith my lungs filled with smoke, i choke unable to simply exhalecuz for this type of “love” there is no escape but I’ll be damned if my soul you shall take.Please just release me for heaven’s sake!CRYSSRENEE 03/08 WHEN I WAS IN A DARK DARK SPACE IN TIME. SORRY ITS SO LONG BUT I JUST WANTED TO SHOW THAT THIS KIND OF LOVE I SPOKE OF IS NOT THE GOOD LOVE, ITS THE SICK TWISTED LOVE THAT U KNOW IS NO GOOD BUT U CANT LET GO

  2. Harlem says:

    You so just made me cry and I curse you for it! But the love you speak about in this piece is the love that knows no love. It only has love for itself. Its hard to find solace when you are so unsure. But as I have learned love is many many things but one thing it is not, can not and ever will be is UNSURE! Thank you Miss CryssRenee! ~B~

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