"Suicide Cry"

“The cool calm face of the river asked for a kiss” Suicide’s Note Langston Hughes

Have you ever gone to bed with the feeling that you were on top of the world, but woke up the next morning feeling that the world was on top of you? Sometimes we feel that our problems are situations that we are going through are just too much for us to bear. But one thing we fail to realize when we are going through trials and tribulations is that GOD will never put more on us than we can handle. Nothing is too great to overcome. I believe that when we are born that our lives are already written, it is up to us to follow the path that has already been cut. It is not always easy to do so in a world like the one we live in today. We ask for help even when we have no idea we are asking for it. There are times when we are supposed to go right and choose to go left. We wonder why we are constantly thrown a curve ball or why it seems that nothing is going as planned. We start to feel defeated and want to give up. We allow the devil to enter our minds and let negative energy consume our every thought. We refuse to see light at the end of the tunnel. There are days when it seems that nothing is worth getting out of bed for. All you want to do is sleep until one day turns into the next. You live each day not for the next but rather for the next let down or heartbreak. Is this really any way to live? Was this how your life was supposed to turn out? No! But somewhere you took a wrong turn and got off the path, so what is there to do? Sometimes you find the only option to be in inevitable, the unforgivable. Finally you fall down on your knees and ask for guidance. You admit that you have done wrong, that you can’t make it on your own and that you felt as though you had been forsaken. All you can do is apologize for taking the wrong path and ask that just once more you be carried. You can’t allow a broken relationship, a dead end job, or an empty wallet to cut the cloth of life. To allow such negativity into your life is a cry for suicide. You don’t realize that at your lowest moments of self pity, and self deterioration that you are killing yourself.

Blessings ~B~

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