Soundtrack to Life

Isn’t it funny how when you go through trials and tribulations there is always a song that relates to what you’re going through? It’s like when you are going through a break up or rough patch with your significant other every song on the radio makes you think of them in some way. You can’t help but think that Mary is singing directly to you, or like Keyshia has been looking in your window and writing her lyrics to your troubles. Music for me has become a therapy and in most situations I can always find a song or songs that help ease the pain of what I am going through at that particular moment. But in reality, life is not a movie so it doesn’t come with it’s own soundtrack. We tend to find solace and contentment in songs because we think that the person singing the song or the writer who wrote it has been through the same things. Maybe they have or maybe they are just doing what they need to do to sell records. Whatever the reason they wrote the song and at times they taunt us. We listen to the lyrics and put the cd on replay often times crying as we think of our situation. It is so easy for us to find songs that relate to our pain but never any that relate to the good times. To the happiness and joy in our lives. Our soundtrack to life seems to only play when we are at our worst, when our hearts have been broken, when we only feel pain. It is your life, your script, your movie, therefore its your soundtrack. What music do you choose?

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