Even in it’s purest form it can be deadly. It’s amazing how something that gives you such an addictive and tantalizing high can tear you down to your lowest point. Oh the price we pay for something that is so detrimental to our health, for a temporary fix, for an artificial feeling of happiness. For a brief moment after that first hit we find ourselves motionless, painless, and most of all untouchable. It isn’t until you come down off that emotional, artificial high that you realize that you have a problem, more so an addiction, one that can cause great pain to not only yourself but to those around you that love and care for you the most. It doesn’t matter who is hurt, that doesn’t cross our mind because we are too busy trying to locate that next hit, wondering where in the hell the next fix is going to come from. If you don’t get it then you itch, scratch, cry, shake. The fact that you are handicapping yourself doesn’t mean a thing, you are addicted.

During your self detox you accidentally walk past a mirror and take a long hard look at the reflection looking back at you only to realize you have no idea who the hell that person is. You don’t eat, you can’t sleep, you have lost an unhealthy amount of weight. Not to mention the fact that you have isolated yourself from those around you, so you are alone trying to cope with your addiction. You ask yourself, “Is this really me? How did I let myself get to this point?” Instead of going out looking for a fix you decide to claim your life back, to kick the habit and enter the world of the living once again. But in the process of rehab and detox you fail to grasp the fact that once you’re addicted you will forever be. Once the next “new” thing comes out you’re going to be tempted to try that one too.

~Love is the slowest form of Suicide~

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