"Crazy Mike"

I ran into Mike dressed like a damn Matador!Anybody who is truly from St. Louis and has been in the Delmar U-City Loop has come across “Crazy Mike”. You know tall, dark skinned, lots of tattoos and peircings. Known for running up to any and everybody for no reason or his crazy outfits. True St. Louisans are far from bothered by Mike because he has never done anything to hurt anybody and to be honest he is funny as hell. But what most people don’t know is that Mike had a promising future. Pay close enough attention to Mike and you will notice that he does alot of things that bring reference to basketball. That’s because Michael had a future as a basketball player, he went to college and was drafted by the NBA. On the night of his celebration something was slipped into his drink and from there his mind began to slip. Mike is not crazy because he was born that way he lost his thoughts because of someone being evil. I lived next door to Mike for almost 8 years and he did what most teenaage boys do, put a bunch of trash in the dumpster and set it on fire, filled the dumpster with mattresses and jump off the roof into it. So like most people that walk the streets Mike has an untold story so before you judge him and turn your nose up to him think that he too is human and was dealt one hell of a hand. Instead of walking fast or ignoring him speak! (Dont start a conversation cause he will talk to you forever!) But speak, be cordial and see how you feel.

Peace and Blessings ~B~

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5 thoughts on “"Crazy Mike"

  1. suiteSTL says:

    Why is he my friend in my head. I swear everytime I see him I wave and say hi like we grew up together. One day he looked at me and gave me the “that byatch is crazy” look. LMAO

  2. Harlem says:

    Mike is really cool. He has a problem but thats not his fault. Like I said I did grow up with him so I know. Speak to him enough and ya’ll gone become friends. Alot of stuff he says makes alot of sense! (does that make me crazy?) LOL

  3. Anonymous says:

    haha me and all my buddies love Mike, we used to talk to him during the many hours we spent in the loop during high school…i wish I got to see the dude more.

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