"The Power"

I was speaking to a high school girl’s group on the importance of self love and one of the moderators recited this poem I felt that it spoke volumes. I asked for her permission to share it with the world so what better to start my blog than with this.

“The Power”

So there you go again putting your power in man when once again he’s let go of your hand
when it was the Creator who carried you across the burning sand
You was happy for a while cause his body made you smile
until he left you in exile to support you and his child
Haven’t you learned yet, you can’t sleep with every man who makes you wet
and with every let down you forget that what you ask him for is what you get
Sistahs hold on to the faith you have inside there are other sistahs feeling you far and wide
Sacrificing your dignity is wrong holding onto the faith is what makes you strong
it’s the Creator who will be with you when that brotha is up and gone
Love yourself as he loves you; make the Man above your first boo
and for every blessing you give, you will get back two
if you make him first in everything you do
Cause you don’t need no shake downs or breakdowns causing you to lose you
Keep your mind strong keep your soul true and give the power back to the Creator

Lisa First 99′

Women often give men all of their power when it comes to being in relationships. Whether it is their father, a boyfriend, husband etc. There comes a time when we as women have to stand up and take that power back. We are far more powerful that what most believe, we have the ability to create, carry and give life. What is more powerful than that?

Peace and Blessings ~B~

One thought on “"The Power"

  1. suiteSTL says:

    CONGRATS Harlem on starting your blog. I’m so glad you could join us in blog world. While I can tell writing is your passion, I think you will find that blogging gives your words a whole new story and you a better peace of mind as you use this place to express the things that can’t always be said out loud.Jami B.

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