St Louis Night Life

It seems that the night life scene here in St. Louis is dwiddling down to a few select spots. As we all know due to the recent triple murders outside of club Society earlier this month it’s doors have been closed for good. It was also reported that Lush was closed as well however this was a rumor and it was only closed temporaily.

Where does that leave the St. Louis clubbers? Of course there is the Loft on Olive which has been holding it down for the past few years. The owners Dre and Drexel are not the least bit worried, they always have their ducks in a row. Security is consistent as well as the rules and dresscode they enforce. There is also EXO, Black Label, Lure and 15 all in the same vacinity of one another. EXO has gained momentum thanks to the fellas of FreemTime and Groove Theory Thursdays which is quite the set if you are looking for an old school party with a new school atmosphere. Lure is more of a mixed crowd except on Thursdays when Redd Hott Thursdays takes over. I have not yet been to 15 or Black Label but I have heard nothing but good reviews.

There is also Sleek located inside Lumiere as well as Club HOME located inside the Ameristar and the SkyBox downtown. Of course we can’t forget the Venue located in the heart of Wellston. When choosing your nightlife hang out you must weigh the crowd, safety, and location. You don’t want to put yourself in harms way. Some spots are more low key than others. St. Louis is losing when it comes to night life but with a little bit of effort our city can make a come up.

There are always plenty of cameras to capture almost any moment. Check out my homies over at to see some of the latest club pics! Follow them on Twitter @

Be safe STL

Peace and Blessings ~B~

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