Ask Harlem

Dear Harlem,

“I have been in a sexual relationship with this guy for a little over 5 months. Our agreement was that it was nothing serious that we would only have sex and do our best not to catch feelings. However I have found myself recently liking him more and more. He is not your average run of the mill guy, as matter of fact he is a pro-athlete. In my eyes I don’t see him as anything different than a regular person. I have tried throwing hints to let him now that I am starting to like him for more than just sex. His response is always “Why break something that isn’t broken?” Should I just come out and tell him that I am catching feelings or just leave things the way they are? I am afraid that if I tell him he will reject me and I will be left with my feelings hurt. Please help!”

Sincerely His Weekend Lover~

Dear His Weekend Lover,

I would have to agree with the guy. Most relationships that start off as nothing but sex remain as such. It is only in rare instances that these type of situations evolve into something more. We as women are emotional in nature therefore we are prone to catch feelings even when trying not to. I won’t say that he doesn’t have some sort of feelings for you because he is sleeping with you therefore there is some form of attraction.If you have thrown hints and his responses don’t give you a satisfactory answer just leave it alone. If you feel you can no longer handle the situation then the best thing to do would be to let it go. Don’t put yourself through further unnecessary heartbreak and upset.

Blessings ~B~

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